Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Meanwhile Back in L.A.

Have I mentioned how happy I am living back in Los Angeles? If not, let me just say it…I am sooooo flippin' happy living in LA!

There. I said it. And I know it won't be the last time.

I have been on such a "happiness high" - especially in the last two days - that today I actually feel "hungover." I am exhausted from all the happy. And it keeps coming. :)

Who would have ever known that back in November, selling our 3800 sq. ft. house, selling most of our belongings, leaving Omaha, moving back to Los Angeles, downsizing to one car and a 1100 sq. ft, 2 bedroom apartment, and writing music full time would turn out to be the best thing we could have ever done? I am delirious!

There really is something to be said for following our hearts and pursuing our passions. I just never knew that letting go of all the safety nets could be so exhilarating. And freeing.

I've been pulling some all nighters, (well, nearly all nighters) writing music with the intent of getting them placed in film, television and ads. I am having to learn lots of new things, like how to record the music on new equipment, how to play instruments "virtually" on a keyboard, learning to play new "live" instruments, and how to create - without the help of the people I am so dependent upon, like my sweet brother Gene, who is still in Omaha, and "Omaha Tom" who owns the studio we would use to record at in Omaha. But in doing so, it feels so good to know that I finished a song yesterday, where I played all the live and virtual instruments, wrote the music/lyrics, recorded all the vocals - lead and background, female AND male (I can sing pretty low if I have to ;)). I even did all the whistling. (My mom said, "I didn't know you could whistle!") And I even got to include my hubby and son on the hand claps, finger snaps, and thigh slaps, so it is becoming a family project. I also have a new, extremely talented engineering/writing partner who loves music as much as I do, who brings absolute magic to the final product, which is an art in itself.

So, when the song was submitted, with only seconds to spare before the deadline, my palms were sweaty, my feet were clammy, and we got it done. And I gotta admit, it turned out really fun! And I felt, well, really proud.

Will this be the song that gets used for this particular commercial? It's out of my hands at this point, but WOW, did it ever feel good accomplishing what I set out to do and creating a song that didn't exist 3 days earlier. And I will continue to do this because this is my true passion.

I feel more empowered than ever before, and I feel so ALIVE!! I am following my heart - completely. And I am soo happy being back in L.A. There - I said it again.