Friday, November 11, 2011

So much goin on! :)

Hey all! Cher here ;) Been swamped chairing this super-cool event called "Reflections" up at my son's school. Took about 3 months away from my singer/songwriter-life, but definitely worth it, and it's really important to me to balance being a "rock star" (lol) with being a damn good mama. So chairing Reflections, which is an arts/music program, was a perfect fit for me.

"Reflections" requires kids to create and submit entries in these categories: Visual Arts, Photography, Music Composition, Film Production, Literature and Dance Choreography. The theme this year was "Diversity Means...." which inspired some amazing works. I had some awesome judges from the Film/TV/Magazine industry helping out and the Awards Ceremony Gala was fantastic. Now I can get back to writing!

On the music end, I've been making so many great musician friends out here in L.A., and we've become a "wolf-pack" attending events, networking, and building relationships with other great people in the industry. I attended the Billboard Film and TV event in Holly wood a few weeks ago - expensive, but jam packed with great info and networking opportunities. Gene and I also attended a Music Supervisor event sponsored by AIMP at House of Blues, and we just got back from the TAXI Road Rally, which is always fun and feels like a big family reunion. On the recording end, Pro Tools is coming along well, but I am so ready to be in a house where I can record and make some noise without waking up the neighbors below me at 2 a.m.

In addition, I am teaching guitar lessons at my son's school (again, striking that balance of Mom and Musician) and it is so cool!! Tying my two passions together - music and working with kids - just fills my spirit. On another note, I have really taken to camping! But that's another whole post ;)

Take care til next time -
xoxo Cher :)